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Real Estate

Showcase your property from a spectacular aerial perspective. Breath taking views from different heights and angles will most definitely enhance your property's value to potential buyers.


Will help developers obtain the 'big picture' and assist in strategic decision making. Regular progress updates, stockpile analysis and even generate 3D models of sites. Huge cost savings like never before !

Rural & Agricultural

Aerial imaging can assist in crop health and stress monitoring, weed detection and management, vermin control, ground condition assessment and location of livestock. 

Roof Inspections

Safely and quickly perform roof inspections for leaks, blocked gutters, cracked tiles etc before they become a bigger problem. A quick scan can take literally minutes saving you both time and money !

Video Production

Showcase your products, services or key members of your company with short professionally crafted videos.

Sports Events

Capture sports events from an exciting and thrilling perspective anywhere from land, sea and air. Our aerial cameras will amaze at how smooth and stable the video footage can be.


Astronomy Event

"Be proud of yourself Carlos and Nigel. Your professionalism, attention to detail and your ability to capture the feel of my community is something very few can do. Till next time when we work together and collaborate!"

Brendan Mitchell

Astronomy Academy WA

Sports Event

"Working with Carlos has been a very pleasant and stress-free experience. Getting to know how he operates and his skills, knowledge, communication and work ethic produced a very professional end product of his work. A very comprehensive operation, his work is at an extremely high level of detail."


Isaac De Vries

Event Organiser

Farm Survey

"AeroVisionz flew their photographic drones around my property at Brunswick with quite astounding results. The quality of the images, both stills and video, is extremely high, and the drone offers results which would be technically difficult with conventional aircraft - the only other alternative - as well as prohibitively expensive.

The stabilized drone camera provides a solid jitter free platform and the optics give all the resolution one could possibly wish for.

Their chief pilot Carlos is a skilled photographer and the use of a drone adds another dimension to his work.


Use AeroVisionz and expect to be amazed."



Video Production

"Without the drones, there was no way I could have gotten any of the most impressive sequences of the production. But what surprised me most was the versatility. Everyone knows the standard high altitude panoramic drone shots (which are great, don't get me wrong), but for me it was the low level fast follows and crossovers that made the video special."



Crop Monitoring

Aerial farm map to monitor crop growth and health



V & G Berlingeri 


AeroVisionz emphasizes the importance of running safe and compliant operations to offer spectacular aerial imagery

similar to a camera and tripod in the sky.


We are a Perth Western Australian based company, fully CASA certified (ReOC/RePL/AROC) and insured with a Public Indemnity of $20M. We offer stunning aerial imagery for real estate, agriculture, construction, asset inspection, aerial mapping, special events, night operations, and video production. Your imagination is your limit. 


Our fleet of remotely piloted aircraft provides the ultra-high resolution video and images you need at an affordable price. We utilize the latest in small drone technology using state of the art GPS positioning and gyro-stabilized flight control systems.


This is Perth aerial photography at it's best.


We are your eye in the sky.




Please contact us for job pricing details or browse below to purchase images


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perth aerial photography,perth aerial videography,casa certified drone pilot,casa certified drone pilot perth,perth drone photography,perth drone videography,perth certified drone pilot,aerovisionz

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